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Kasey Bledsoe


Kasey Bledsoe does not travel merely for the sake of traveling. She is someone who travels to immerse herself in authentic experiences that not only improve her perspective of the world but also promote self-reflection, environmental awareness, and an understanding of and respect for other people’s lifestyles. In the global classroom of life, travel is a crash course in humility, tolerance, adaptability, open-mindedness, and empathy. It also serves as a reset button for Kasey, reminding her to be grateful for everything she has achieved in her life. 

One of Kasey’s favorite parts about traveling is her chance to meet people from different cultures and witness their traditions. Each eye-opening experience helps Kasey embrace both the similarities and differences between herself and the people she comes into contact with. The most interesting travel experiences have included local lessons in geography and history, complemented by unfamiliar conventions involving food, culture, and language.

Kasey Bledsoe’s naturally inquisitive mind enables her to experience more than the typical vacationer. Curiosity is the key to a great experience, especially in travel. It opens the door to alternative views and lifestyles that would otherwise be hard to come by, enabling people to seek new experiences through spontaneity. Some of the best adventures Kasey ever had were the ones she didn’t plan. 

In this day and age of constant technology and distractions, Kasey knows it’s more important than ever to go off-grid and unwind. As a former RN at Lancaster General Hospital and traveling RN, Kasey can be found attending to patient’s needs throughout the hospital. Her position entails numerous hard and soft skills, such as physical examinations to determine a patient’s condition, counseling patients and their loved ones, and working with health providers. Kasey works as an Interventional Radiology Registered Nurse, assisting vascular and heart surgeons and monitoring patients’ vital signs. Kasey also acts as a go-between for patients and physicians. She informs patients about pre-and post-operative instructions and answers their inquiries.

Kasey’s job is part of the reason she aims to live in the present moment. She knows the value of seeking a work-life balance whenever possible and allowing for self-care. Travel takes her out of her comfort zone and away from her everyday stressors. It forces her to embrace new challenges and see and taste new things. She is put in situations where she must adapt and engage with people she’s never dealt with before. The payoff is that she forms everlasting memories that will be shared with family and loved ones for years to come. New friends are often made along the way, which is a bonus.

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